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2024 Parent Class Schedule

Heartland 180, Inc. offers two unique parenting classes for the KC community.

You can refer yourself for either of these classes or may be referred by an agency in which you are a client. This referral process form can be found on the H180 HOME PAGE.

Our Parent Project class is 10-weeks in length one night per week. This is for parents of youth ages 12-18 and youth DO NOT attend with the parent. This course focuses on helps for parents with youth struggling with identifiable destructive behaviors. Learning objectives include developing a course for communication, how to plan for changing the unwanted behavior, identifying drug and alcohol use/abuse and how to change that, truancy issues, poor decision making, poor or bad friendships and more. We begin with dinner at 5:30 PM and class is from 6-8 PM.

The Strengthening Families 10-14 course is for parents AND youth to attend. This course is for youth ages 10-14. This is a seven-week course one night per week. This course focuses on prevention communication between parent/guardian and youth participants. SFP 10-14 covers best communication skills, developing family values, goals, and healthy family choices. Family bonds are stronger when parents and kids conclude this course. We begin with dinner at 5:30 PM and class is from 6-8 PM.

Both classes provide facilitation for both ENGLISH and SPANISH speaking adults and youth unless otherwise stated.

Class schedule for 2024 is as follows....

April 2 ~ May 14 - SFP 10-14 (open enrollment now)

May 23 ~ August 1 - Parent Project (ENGLISH class only)

August 20 ~ October 1 - SFP 10-14

September 12 ~ November 14 - Parent Project

Possible SFP 10-14 ending Dec. 3

For more information about these classes or other parent and family services send an email to


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