Today there are still too many youths living in poverty, in single-parent homes, and at serious risk of falling behind. Far too many youths have poor self-esteem and lack clear personal values and a strong and healthy internal compass that guides personal decision making, character and life skills.

The 180 Program

   The 180º curriculum takes the position that social, emotional, academic growth, and learning are “interdependent” and the most effective learning environment is one that intentionally harnesses the “synergy” that results when all of these key components are blended together. Students learn core values, character development and 21st century workforce skills.

  The 180 Degrees Program utilizes “Social Emotional Learning” (SEL) as a model.   The core of SEL focuses on developing a youth’s capacity to manage, understand, and express the social and emotional aspects of their lives in positive ways that foster learning and successful management of life’s most important tasks.  The five focal competencies taught and reinforced in successful SEL programming are Self-awareness, Social awareness, Self-management , Relationship skills, and Responsible decision making

   One of the more powerful images or symbols of the 180 Degrees Program is that of the compass. Each person has an internal compass, which guides us. Definitions of success vary from one student to the next. Keeping this in mind, the 180 Degrees Program facilitators help students identify their core values and individual goals. Then, program facilitators work actively with the youth to align their behavior and strategies to these core values and goals in order that they achieve success and positive relationships in the community. Heartland 180 is aware that personal and professional success requires tending to many areas of personal development. Our goal is Enhancing Lives One Degree at a Time

H180 Program