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Employment Partner Helping H180 Families

Heartland 180 'Parent and Family Support Services' has been referring underemployed and unemployed adults to Workforce Partnership for over one year now! The people of Workforce Partnership take great care in helping adults discover what their skills are and how to fit those skills with area job and career opportunities. If you are a past or current parent who has utilized H180 Parent and Family Support Services, please feel free to call on Workforce Partnership for employment assistance. We HIGHLY recommend you give them a call. Finally, please visit their website for constantly changing career fair news. Many companies in the metro area hold career fairs that can be a valuable resource for finding employment. The WF Partnership in Wyandotte County is located at 626 Minnesota Ave. KCK 66101. Direct Liaison is Danijela at 913-577-5936. May you find the job/career that is a great fit for you and your family!


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