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About H180 Programs


H180 is an in-school and after-school program that offers a safe, inclusive Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) environment for Middle and High School students, guiding them in directing their future. Our outcome-based curriculum measures academic and personal development, including Academic Achievement, Attitude, Motivation, Goal Achievement, Organizational Skills, Self-Control, Decision Making, Communication Skills, Teamwork, Leadership skills, Citizenship.


    After-School Model 


Beginning September 19, 2023, H180 will offer an after school programs at Carl B. Bruce Middle School. There will be an additional sessions in conjunction with One Community Jiu Jitsu and Lowriders 2 Success (KCK).  

In-School Model 


 Starting September 19, 2023 we will be offering in-school programming at J.C. Harmon and Washington High School.

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