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Parent and Family Support Mission

Heartland 180 ‘Parent and Family Support’ exists to provide tested and doable solutions and emotional support for parents of children and youth who are strong-willed and/or engaged in destructive behavior. We aim to provide this helping hand in an environment of non-judgement to provide hope, and change the story and future of every home. 

In the Fall of 2022 H180 Executive Director Max Mendoza saw the need to make a distinctive shift in services provided to youth and their families in Wyandotte County.  The shift is allowing H180 to focus on resources for direct programming for and to youth while adding direct programming for and to parents of children and youth.

The H180 Parent and Family Support Mission Statement stated on this page is a work in progress and is led by recent hire Matt Zimmer of Kansas City.  Matt and his team will be leading the Parent Project, Loving Solutions, and Strengthening Families (10-14) classes beginning in 2023 providing real time instruction as well support for parents of kids and youth.  

The Parent and Family Support arm of H180 will be a safe place where parents can ask hard questions in a safe environment as well as provide web resources for parents seeking assistance in other areas of life.

H180 Parent and Family Services utilizes the Unite Us online referring tool to serve our families in a long-term way.  This regional referring tool allows for us to provide broader helping services help to best serve families.  Below is our Unite Us "CONSENT FORM" for referrals.  Please fill it out and email to Matt Zimmer.

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