This model is adapted to meet the USD 500 District Calendar, which includes an early release on Wednesdays. Our traditional format for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday involves about one hour focused on homework and tutoring, an hour focused on the 180 Degrees Curriculum, dinner and an activity that often reinforces the curriculum content covered. 

    Program Enhancements 


  •      Beyond the Classroom Wednesdays include a robust schedule with program partners as speakers on topics like Career Awareness, Health, Hobbies, Personal Finance and Community Service. Please contact us with your ideas for these sessions. We occasionally schedule field trips as well. These changes align with the Diploma + Program implemented by USD 500 to ensure students graduate with more than a high school diploma.

  •     Heartland 180 sponsors membership in the Boys & Girls Club for our students. After school, they are transported there for dinner, tutoring and program highlights. About 4:25 PM the students are transported to our location for the 180 Curriculum.

  •      Strengthening Families Program curriculum is used on two Thursdays each month. Parents and youth receive separate instruction on a common topic followed by a family dinner. The evening culminates with activities that reinforce the topics and skills learned that evening. The families are encouraged to practice these new techniques for the next two weeks and to share progress at the next session.